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Aikido is a Japanese martial art created by an enlightened Master, Morihei Ueshiba, who had come to realise that a healthy development of mind, body and spirit needs loving and disciplined training.

Aikido is a very effective self-defence system.

Grading syllabus


You can download the full grading syllabus as a PDF, or use the table below to see a break-down of the individual grades.





Minimum practice time between grades


·                  Gokyu: 2 months


·                  Yonkyu: 3 months


·                  Sankyu: 6 months


·                  Nikyu: 7 months


·                  Ikkyu: 8 months


·                  Shodan: 1 year


·                  Nidan: 2 years


·                  Sandan: 3 years


·                  Yondan: 4 years




These periods should be regarded as the absolute minimum time between grades and could only be achieved by a normal student training daily and intensively. For the majority of people, a period of 2-3 times longer should be envisaged.



Tachi waza


Ikkyo                    Ai Hanmi katate dori, Shomen uchi


Irimi nage           Ai Hanmi katate dori, Shomen uchi


Shiho nage        Ai Hanmi katate dori, Katate dori


Tenchi nage       Katate dori



Suwari waza


Kokyu ho            Ryote dori

Shikko                (Knee walking)

Grading syllabus